An unexpected and unwanted pregnancy can bring about a time of great stress and emotion. If you feel you are unprepared to be a parent at this time, you may have important decisions to make regarding your future and that of your unborn child. Because pregnancy is a time of many physical and emotional changes, it can be a very confusing time for a woman. The decisions you make now will affect you and others for a lifetime; you may feel alone and unable to determine your options.

You don't have to go through this time alone.........

At Sunflower Family Services, we recognize that each person's needs and situation are unique. We are dedicated to giving you the help at this time and the services you may need throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Our counselors have the ability to come to YOU, providing comfort, information about your options as a woman, and support throughout the pregnancy, birth and adoption process.

Free counseling is offered to both birth parents and their families during and after the pregnancy and adoptive placement. Our objective is to help you and your family connect, heal, and work toward new goals for the future, whether you choose to prepare and adoption plan to parent your child.
Birthfathers are encouraged to take an active role in planning for their child if this is possible. We understand that birthfathers and their families also experience a loss in any unexpected pregnancy, and we encourage grandparents and siblings to share their feelings about an adoption plan. We suggest that you consider an open adoption so that you will have the opportunity to check on the progress of your child, and so that the child will have access to information about you, possibly through letters or visitation throughout his/her life.

For those who decide to parent their child, Sunflower offers referral to needed services, connections to other new parents, and information about attachment parenting.

For information on how you can find help in making and informed and caring decision, choose and meet an adoptive family, and create and adoption plan that meets your personal needs, call us at (877) 457-5437 or (785) 625-4600. A social worker/counselor will be available to speak with you by phone or in your home.

The decision to place a child for adoption calls for COURAGE, COMPASSION, CARING AND LOVE. Whatever your decision may be, it is a difficult decision, and is one of the most important you will ever make.

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