Jeff & Pam
About Us: We live in a small community in the Midwest, where there is a mix of industry and farming. The neighborhood we live in is almost like living in the country. It is very quiet and peaceful. The families that live across the street have three small children that would love to have a playmate. Our home has a huge fenced backyard where I visualize future games of baseball, tag, hide and seek, and catching lightning bugs. Family is very important to us. Pam's mom and dad have a farm with chickens, cows, lots of cats, and a very understanding dog named Jasper. Jeff's Dad died in an accident, so his mom would very much love to have a grandbaby to fuss over! We are very close to our parents, and they will be very much involved in our family. Our brothers and sisters are all close and we stay in touch by visiting on the phone and going back home for the holidays.

About Jeff: Jeff teaches elementary school in our small town, and enjoys working with children. He loves watching their eyes light up when they learn something new. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, home improvement, bird watching, and reading. He loves being outdoors on the weekends (if it's not raining!), and enjoys spending time with Pam in her vegetable and flower gardens.

About Pam: Pam works as a legal secretary for a local law firm. She loves to garden, grow flowers, read, and is learning to quilt. She enjoys fishing (especially if she catches a bigger fish than her husband), and just being outdoors. She enjoys cooking and likes to try new things. Pam is caring, nurturing, and very much desires a baby to care for and love.

In closing: We know that you are a warm, kind, and generous person simply by your willingness to consider placing your baby for adoption. We understand that you are going through a difficult time and must make a decision that will affect your life and the lives of those around you. If we could ease your mind in some small way, we would simply like you to know that we will love your baby as our own and give him or her all the love, attention, and guidance necessary to grow up to be happy and content.
Our Prayers Are With You!
Jeff & Pam