Andy & Gail
In Colorado
Our Home

Hi -- Our names are Andy and Gail. We realize that you have a lot of important decisions to make in your life right now. By simply being here, reading this, and considering the choice of adoption for your child, you have shown unbelievable courage and strength. You have our deepest admiration.

We have been married since 1992, and have a strong and loving marriage. For the last seven years, we have been hoping to start a family, but have found that we will not be able to give birth to a child. Regardless, we still hope and pray that someday God will see fit to give us the privilege of raising and sharing our lives with a child. We know in our hearts that adoption is the path we are to follow.

We share our home with a large, friendly Black Labrador Retriever named Leggo. Leggo is five years old and we think he is the best dog anyone could ever hope to have. He is big, gentle, well-behaved, sweet and kind. He loves our nephews as well as the neighborhood children. Leggo likes to go fishing and camping with us and looks forward to riding in the car. Leggo originally came to our home as a foster puppy through a program in which we raise and train Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers to become Service or Guide dogs for those in need of such services. He was later found to have allergies and was released from the program, thus joining our family.

Gail is a graphic artist and Andy is a web designer. Obviously, we like art, but we also enjoy photography, traveling, camping, fishing and spending time with our family and friends. We are also foster puppy parents for a specialty dog service. We foster puppies in our home, teaching basic obedience and giving them lots of love as they grow into assistance dogs for persons with disabilities.

We understand that this brief note does not answer all the questions you may have about us. We are willing to talk with you, willing to exchange photographs and letters and willing to consider a more open relationship which would include ongoing communication and visitation as we build trust and caring between our families. We want you to know that we would embrace your child in every way on life's path. By caring about your life, we also know that nurturing our relationship with you can also benefit a child.

With Respect,
Andy & Gail