Your Homestudy
The homestudy process includes at least two office visits and a home visit with a Sunflower social worker. During the process, families will submit required documents including birth certificates, marriage certificate, criminal record clearances, medical reports, letters of reference and autobiographies. This period of time is devoted to teaching families about adoption/attachment issues as families teach us about who they are.
It is our belief that the relationship between agency, social worker, and family is an important one. We need to know you, understand your values and dreams, in order to facilitate a comfortable birthfamily connection. Building this relationship between worker and family can mean more support for you as a family and a more meaningful birthfamily/adoptive family relationship in the future. We hope to promote trust and caring in your adoptive relationship, always remembering that your child's birthfamily is a special presence in his/her life.
Although we work with an unlimited number of adoptive parents per year in many ways, we have a limited number of openings in our domestic adoption program. Because we want to provide more personalized services to each adoptive family and birthfamily, we limit our number of active families to twenty.
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