Sunflower's domestic adoption program was founded in 1995 for women in Western Kansas experiencing untimely pregnancies and or the support of adoptive families in the same area. Since that time, Sunflower has expanded its area of service for birthparents to include all of the state of Kansas and has supported successful adoptive families as far away as Rhode Island.
Making a choice to place a child for adoption is a very difficult decision which requires education, trust, love, courage, and support. Birthparents, and especially birthmothers, need support and understanding during this crisis. They need information and counsel to help them to understand their options, thus empowering them to make the best decision for themselves and their babies. We help women to explore options, set goals, and gain support throughout the birth and adoption process and beyond.
If adoption is chosen, each birthmother is guided in creating an adoption plan which "fits" for her. She chooses who will adopt her baby, how and when the transition will take place, and what kind of future relationship she wants with her child and the adoptive family. Profiles of waiting adoptive familes with similar views are shared with birthparents in the matching process.
Birthmothers choosing to parent their babies are supported in their decision and helped to find resources in the community to aid them in their parenting plan.
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